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Developing Renewable Energies in Africa

Our Values

HYDRONEO develops, finances, builds and operates small and medium renewable energy plants. As a fully integrated industrial company, we are involved in every stage of the project value-chain.


We have expertise in the various phases of a project, always adapting our processes to local specificities: site identification, technical design, social and environmental management, funding, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Development phase - Hydroneo


from site identification to financial close

Construction phase - Hydroneo


from financial close to COD

Operation phase - Hydroneo


from COD to the end of the PPA

Environmental Transition


HYDRONEO develops carbon-free plants. Our run-of-river hydro is cleaner and has less impact on the environment than any other hydro technology. Our company meets IFC performance and other key international environmental standards. We have also set an ambitious HSE company policy to ensure the highest requirements. 

Environmental Transition

Energy Transition

Energy Transition 

HYDRONEO promotes the shift towards sustainable energy. Our clean power serves the growing energy demand across emerging countries and facilitates their long-term economic growth and competitiveness By developing off-grid hydro/solar combined solutions, Hydroneo also contributes to the electrification of the most isolated rural areas.

Social transition

HYDRONEO brings electrification to the most isolated rural areas. We are deeply committed to enhancing the lives of the populations we serve. We work with local communities on local health, education, and energy related projects and encourage sustainable and innovative local initiatives through micro-projects financing.

Social Transition 

Our Activities

Engineering & Study Expertise

Our technical team consists of highly skilled and experienced  engineers with different specializations (Hydraulic, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Environmental) to monitor and follow-up :

  • Technical studies

  • Site identification (river screening, in-situ tracking…)

  • On-site surveys (Hydrology, Geotech, Topography…)

  • Prefeasibility study, Feasibility study, Tender design, Detailed design


For studies execution we work with renowned and experienced partners in the sector such as ISL, Tractebel, Artelia, ...

Financial Expertise

Throughout the development phase, each project is managed in the light of a financial model which must remain viable.

The Hydroneo team will be responsible for structuring project financing (Equity, Junior and Senior debt, Grant).

To do so, it can count on a vast network of investors of different types (family offices, private equity funds, .....), international development bank (DFIs), local banks, donors (GIZ, SCAF, SEFA, .. .)

Our main financial advisor, Finergreen, is also involved at every stage of the development process to guarantee the viability of our financial models and ease interaction with the different financial institutions involved.

Permitting & legal Expertise

We rely on well established local teams to manage permits, authorizations and contracts, including:

  • Local Authority MOU

  • Power purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • Land acquisition

  • SPV Legal aspects (JVA, SHA, SPV creation, etc.)

Our teams are supported by international and local law firms, including Norton Rose Fulbright, Bowmans, ALN, etc

Construction and O&M Expertise

Construction is a key stage for Hydroneo, which is also an operator and therefore has to ensure that its projects are built to last. We provide all EPC services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), from the design to the complete commissioning of the plant.

EPC and O&M management

  • Construction Management

  • Implementation of the environmental and social management plan

  • Operation and Maintenance 

E&S experts are also involved at the early stage of the development process to ensure compliance with our high standards policies with ERM, IBIS, etc



49,9 MW



12,65 MW



10 MW



22,3 MW



42,0 MW



30,5 MW


6 Countries


167 MW

  • Installed capacity              0,33MW

  • Type of plant              Hydropower

  • Production forecast         1,95 GWh

  • Current stage  Under construction

Kavumu Project

Nyirahindwe Project

  • Installed capacity                     1,3MW

  • Type of plant                   Hydropower

  • Production forecast             5,95 GWh

  • Current Stage       Under construction

Njumbi Project

  • Installed capacity                  8,5 MW

  • Type of plant                  Hydropower

  • Production forecast             41,7GWh

  • Current Stage    Under development

Project Examples

We model in 3D the works upstream of construction

We carry out a topographic study by drone upstream of the projects


Our Team on Site



Job offers

Project Manager - Small Hydro


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